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"Dana Jolly has delivered thrilling work that is a joy to behold. Opening number “Tradition” establishes the dance vocabulary of the show and features precise, interesting patterns. The Russian dancing in “To Life” is exciting, and the full company work in “Tevye’s Dream” gives the 95-minute act one an infusion of energy. The dance highlight of the evening is act one’s climactic “Wedding Dance,” which not only features the sensational bottle dance, but also explicitly drives the plot as Perchik’s drive for change brings down male-female barriers, ramping up the festive joy to new heights."

- Simon Parris

Review of 'Fiddler On The Roof'

Coffee With Dana Jolly: Part 1 

The Power of Positivity, Dealing with Injury, and Overcoming Limitations 

Coffee With Dana Jolly: Part 2 

Choreography, Casting and Compassion

Interview with Dana Jolly

Choreography for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

"Choreographer Dana Jolly adds to the sense of pageantry with crisp choreography. A highlight of Jolly’s work comes in “Sarah Brown Eyes,” in which the choreography clearly conveys the fact that the song is a mournful dream."

Simon Parris: Ragtime Review

"...choreographer Dana Jolly kept the story flowing gracefully, making clever use of the simple set and allowing ensemble numbers to dazzle with lively choreography."

"...wonderfully era capturing choreography from Dana Jolly, the epic nature of this musical has been honoured and celebrated."

"...the bouncing ragtime brings the stage to life in the opening tune, Ragtime, and Gettin’ Ready Rag, that both feature the entire company and Dana Jolly’s vivacious choreography."

Kate Herbert: Herald Sun Ragtime Review

"Also making efficient use of the few performers, choreographer Dana Jolly adds to the merriment with deft flair. The deliberately stereotyped moves related to each culture encountered in “Lady Hyacinth Abroad” are a highlight, with the ice skating moves in “Poison in my Pocket” also going down a treat."

"Choreographer, Dana Jolly's work is tremendous, re-producing slick, energized movement that heightened the passion and emotion of the book and assisted greatly in bringing the score to life." 

"Dana Jolly contributes witty choreography that is gently blended into the action." 

"Dana Jolly excels at infusing energetic choreography and stylised movement throughout the piece"

Christian Cavallo: Curtains (Theatrepeople)

"... bright, bubbly and full of fun. So too is Dana Jolly’s fabulous choreography" 

"The vivacious chorus dances up a storm, choreographed by Dana Jolly."

"The ensemble members maintain this high standard, as does every aspect of the production, including the Roger Hodgman's direction and Dana Jolly's choreography." 

"... seductive choreography by Dana Jolly"

Ben Neutze: Limelight 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' Review

"Dana Jolly’s sprightly, well-drilled choreography greatly enhances the effervescent tone of the show."

"...sassy choreography (Dana Jolly)" 

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