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"These programs give the mentors the opportunity to work individually with every participant in an ongoing way across the length of the program. 

The programs also allow the next generation of performers access to informative, honest and supportive learning, without doing a 3-year fulltime course, which is unique. 

Dana has direct access to highly regarded professional practitioners that teach in the prestigious fulltime courses and are also working professionally in the Music Theatre industry, making these courses very special indeed." 


- Tim Smith

Musical Director, Vocal Coach


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  • Bridging the gap between full time training & professional employment. 

  • Providing the opportunity to work with renowned and professional Music Theatre creatives.

  • Working on all 3 elements as one product to create a true definition of a Triple Threat.

  • Replicating the professional environment as well as creating a safe space for the student to explore & find themselves as an artist.

  • Designed to build confidence & self-belief for the artist.


Our Music Theatre Mentorship Programs are 5 day immersive courses specifically designed for graduates from Full Time studies in Musical Theatre, to further prepare for the industry. These programs are designed to replicate a professional rehearsal scenario where Text, Song and/or Dance will be explored in a safe environment.

After the past few years we know that people are still regaining confidence in their performance or haven’t been in a rehearsal environment for quite some time. Our Mentorship programs create a safe and supportive environment to not only reconnect to your craft but also offer the guidance of industry professionals to take into your career moving forward.

"We want you to succeed in this industry. We are looking for the next big Music Theatre

professional who is willing to put in the work to make it big." - Dana Jolly


What we’re offering:

  • exclusive educational programs designed specifically for the students selected from each submission process. 

  • mentorship by current Australian Theatre Creative Teams in various workshop and immersive models.

  • expert tutelage of our highly skilled mentors where you will work on developing the material that has been given to you.

  • ongoing support and guidance from Dana Jolly even after the programs.

We have a range of different programs coming up over the year. No matter which program you pick, you’re guaranteed a quality education from our highly skilled mentors. Whether you're enrolled to participate as an actor or to audit the classes.

We commit to helping performers from marginalised groups get greater representation in our industry. As such we strongly encourage performers who identify as Indigenous, Black, a Person of Colour (IBPOC), culturally, gender and body diverse, and people of all abilities to apply for our programs.


Express your interest using the link below and we can let you when applications open for each program. 

Past Programs: 
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