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“Dana Jolly is a creative and innovate choreographer who always goes the extra mile to ensure that every performance is the best it can be. Whether it's a major musical or a big corporate event, Dana is able to pull together and lead a great team to get the job done, and done superbly.”

John Foreman 

Musical Director 





  • 2019 "NYE Gala at Hamer Hall" Starring Marina Prior and Silvie Paladino (Choreographer) 

  • Corporate Events for ‘The Big Group’ Event Company Melbourne (Choreographer) 

  • 2007 - 2008 Citrawarna Street Festival Kuala Lumpar Malaysia 50th Year Celebration of Independence (Choreographer) 

  • 2006 - 2008 Moomba Parade (Choreographer) 

  • 2003-2008 Australia Post Corporate Events (Choreographer) 

  • 2005 Diva Awards, Sydney Showroom (Choreographer) 

  • The Horse Racing “Hall of Fame” for Todd McKenny (Choreographer) 

  • Nubrick/Ausbrick Name Launch Melbourne Casino (Choreographer)

  • Alana Madeline Foundation Charity Fundraiser (Choreographer) 

  • Monash Marketing Awards (Choreographer) 

  • The Liberal Party “Roaring 20’s Ball” (Choreographer) 

  • Viva Las Vegas Show, Crown Casino (Choreographer)

  • HIH Insurance, Melbourne Park (Choreographer) 

  • 2001 Miss World London (Choreographer) 

  • Capital Radio Extravaganza London (Choreographer & Personal Assistant) 

  • Selonica International Song Contest, Greece (Choreographer) 

  • Macarena U.K. - PA Tour (Assistant Choreographer) 

  • Citroen Car Launch London (Assistant Choreographer) 

  • Pilkington Cup Rugby Final (Assistant Choreographer) 

  • Hairdressing Fellowship Night (Choreographer) 

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